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Hey if kyary pamyu pamyu is not the spokes person for japan, neither is anyone here. infact if I can quote my japanese cousins (i am filipino) 'why are american's so sensitive and make everything about. nothing they tell us to find offensive is actually offensive to us'



From what I’ve noticed though with the whole Asian people not finding things offensive that Asian Americans do, it’s not like people from Asia don’t think whatever the person did is completely okay, but they just don’t really care about it like that (well, speaking more so for my own people, Japanese people, than other Asians since I don’t know).

Like at least with my people (I don’t know about others) when that type of shit happens, I feel like Japanese people feel more like “Whatever” or “Screw you we’re Japanese! We’re the best!” more than genuinely hurt like Japanese Americans do.

But that’s because nothing changes in Japan when people do ignorant shit related to Japanese culture but with Japanese Americans among other Asian Americans honestly, it’s just yet another incident where we’re treated like garbage and are gonna have our problems ignored or minimized because it’s “not that bad” among other things.

You can’t really compare Japanese people like that even if they are the same race when one is treated like the minority in their country and the other is not.


Missy wasn’t playing they games

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So true

bruh so true and i love him

ppl can never let ppl talk about anti-asian racism w/o being like “what about..” and “yeah but..” 👀🔍 like it isn’t a competition ok!

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when someone tries to show me receipts on my #problematic fave


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Drake: Babe, this is my mom Sandi
Drake's mama: *gives me a hug* its nice to finally meet you.
Me: You too.
Drake: I'll go and get the bags ok?
Me: ok. *waits till hes out of earshot* I forgive you.
Drakes mama: ...for what?
Me: killing dr martin luther king.
Drakes mama: i-I didn't kill- im sorry what?
Me: I know that silly! I mean you're old and everything but you're canadian. I'm just saying I accept your apology on behalf of your white brethren:)
Drakes mama: ...can we talk about somethin else please?
Me: ok Sandi I see the topic of racism makes you uncomfortable. I was just saying that your sons prowess in the bedroom doesnt make up for your assistance in murdering a civil rights leader but I am starting to forgive you. We can talk about it another time tho (:
Drakes mama: ....
Me: anyway im glad we could make it up here I wanted to meet you before the baby came:)
Drake: *comes back in and puts his arm around me* ahh my two favorite ladies in one room
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Remy Ma - Hot Nigga (Freestyle)

IF U DONT GO THE FUCK OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


~hollers~ yesssss. YES.

Remy yes.

Snatch my fuckin’ edges off bitch.